Consultancy service in building Sales & Marketing strategies

Consultancy service in building Sales & Marketing strategies

Field of operation

Consultancy service in building Sales & Marketing strategies

UHMGROUP consults and builds business strategies with Sales & Marketing programs suitable to each enterprise to enable high efficiency and low cost.

Consulting in Brands

Building brand is a way to make products unique and different. We strive to build positive and familiar images of what you want to provide customers, and make you become the first choice among countless competitors. Famous brand is the evidence of trust from customers. And brand values are the financial values of the enterprise.

  • Researching and evaluating brands
  • Introducing new brand
  • Positioning brands
  • Brand architecture
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Online communication

Designing brands

With the fast development of market economy, competition becomes severe. Thus, promoting the strategic role of the brand is an important element of company’s survival. The CIP affirm the difference, the company and product messages in the market and pushing the development of products and services.

  • Motto: simple, meaningful, memorable and unique
  • Design: Creative
  • Identity: recognized in the first look
  • Brand: A unique style

Depending on the circumstances, we should not focus too much on the logo to create a systematic overall balance. Logos cannot be alone displaying all brand personality and messages, as other identity programs need space to express and create unique experience; Putting the idea of the enterprise into the CIP. Therefore, it helps to build a brand having the best communication and market connection.

Brand communication

Brand communication exploiting the power of image and visual,.. will make marketing activities more memorable, which helps enhance the customer's visualization of the brand, and help the messages be conveyed in the mind of consumers.

  • Build creative strategies
  • Social network marketing
  • Marketing of product content
  • Designing website

The final goal of brand communication – marketing is attracting customers to buy products. They can be achieved by:

  • Building awareness: Customer will not buy or will hesitate to buy the product they have never heard of, so it is important to build and implement plans to build this awareness.
  • Providing knowledge: Providing information about uses and features of products.
  • Creating a positive impression: Customers donot buy features of product but the benefits – Making life better.
  • Achieving a high position in customers’ minds.
  • Earning customers’ interest
  • Conducting transactions

Activating brand

  • Introducing new brand
  • Organizing events
  • Sales promotional programs
  • Sponsor programs

Public relations (PR)

UHMGROUP strives to build positive company image in public. Customers always expect products and services company provides can have outstanding strengths of company

  • Communication plans
  • Enterprise PR
  • Making advertisements