UHM Group was praised by the investor of Dalat 5-star Resort Edensee Lake Resort & Spa


UHM Group was praised by the investor of Dalat 5-star Resort Edensee Lake Resort & Spa

Recently, in an interview published on the corporate website, Mr. Tieu Nhu Phuong, the investor of DALAT EDENSEE has donated valuable compliments to the Board of Directors and staff of UHM Group about the Management process. Management of 5-star resort Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa.

This will be a great source of motivation for the whole Group to further develop in larger projects in the future.

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The poetic beauty of Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa

Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa - The hidden beauty in Tuyen Lam Lake

Being the most luxurious and elegant resort town in Vietnam, Da Lat is not only famous for the typical atmosphere but also villas and resorts nestled with pine forest. Among them, Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa Resort is located in Tuyen Lam Lake - A destination contains the most pristine and intact beauty of the misty city.

Located nearby the end of the Hoa Phuong Tim Street, Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa - the first resort built near Tuyen Lam Lake, has always been a symbol of the whole Tuyen Lam valley. The Gothic villas are located among the pine forest, the fresh sapphire lake but only nestled into nature, not breaking the poetic beauty. Tuyen Lam is so quiet but not lonely, luxurious, comfortable but still pristine. Mr. Tieu Nhu Phuong - Edensee Lake Resort & Spa investor can’t hide his pride in the beauty of the valley.

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The splendid resort in the night light

Having traveled through many famous cities in the world, Mr. Tieu Nhu Phuong felt that Da Lat is similar to Europe. Da Lat has many green hills and mountains such as the Alps, Switzerland, deep pine forest Forêt Noire (Germany's the Black Forest) or quiet lakes like the Como lake region of Northern Italy. However Da Lat has a very specific nuance, it is cool fresh air, especially after the gentle afternoon rain. Da Lat has a pristine beauty for those who want to balance their mind and body.

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A poetic corner in the resort

According to Mr. Tieu Nhu Phuong, ​​Tuyen Lam Lake is only the area that is still able to retain the pristine space and beautiful scenery like the paintings. It is a deep and poetic green pine forest that full of the birds’ song; sometimes it is fun thanks to the squirrels running and chasing each other under the old pine canopy. There is the hilly and mountainous hill, the fog covered every time when the sunset falls, the mornings with a cold wind, faintly the scent of forest flowers and the mist will drift away after a stormy afternoon rain.

UHM Group improves the position of the 5-star Edensee Lake Resort & Spa

Overviewing the peaceful landscape of  Tuyen Lam Lake

The resort is not only located in a beautiful location but also built by the most advanced materials and equipment, like the long-lasting castles in Europe. The resort is adjacent to the Pinhat mountain (1600 meters)P. All villas are attractive because of the view of the lake or the mountain. With such a unique position, the international five-star Edensee Lake Resort & Spa - resort has a lot of potential for exploitation.

Many activities attract visitors

UHM Group always focuses on increasing the experience for guests, with diverse activities such as guiding children to make cakes, boating, riding elephants... and Olympic standards archery games for guests to play for free.

As the only resort in Dalat to be invested in a system of meeting rooms, conference halls and ensure the most private moments for customers... Dalat Edensee Resort & Spa has welcomed many tourists every year, including special guests, such as Nobel Prize Professor Gerard 't Hooft and his wife on May 5, 2018.

Nobel Prize physics professor Gerard ‘t Hooft and his wife took a souvenir photo at Edensee

With confidence from Dalat Edensee Resort & Spa Owner, UHM Group is honored to become the exclusive Operation Management Unit for the resort. UHM Group is the young, dynamic and special team of seasoned and experienced founders who have worked for many years at Accor, IHG, Marriot,... will develop Edensee Resort to a new look, become the paradise in the dreamy city.

(The article was edited from the article https://doanhnhanplus.vn/ho-tuyen-lam-la-noi-ve-dep-thien-nhien-da-lat-con-nguyen-ven-nhat-340303.html/amp?fbclid=IwAR3Tst-kixB2vs0bhcGIZQvN-lJEQInj-UDLhgLMpGQKajmRm9Dj3HvMaHw )