Collaborative event of Training and Recruiting between UHM Group and Da Lat Tourism College 06/2018


Collaborative event of Training and Recruiting between UHM Group and Da Lat Tourism College 06/2018

Attending the signing ceremony, on UHM Group side, there was the presence of General Director - Master Nguyen Huu An, specialists of Board of Experts and many executives coming from functional departments of UHM Group. On the partner’s side, there was Mr. Tran Dinh Son, Principal of Dalat Tourism College abounding lecturers.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Tran Dinh Son had expressed his great honor when Da Lat Tourism College was cooperated with the UHM Group with the good desire to standardize the training program, harmonize the interests between schools and enterprises as well as meet the demand of human resources of society in general and the tourism market in particular. The College has always tried to condense the program in accordance with the real working needs but there are still many limitations and need support from big businesses. Da Lat Tourism College is committed to create conditions for teachers and other departments to participate in so that the cooperation can bring best results.



Continuing to the speech of Mr. Tran Dinh Son, General Director of UHM Group - Master Nguyen Huu An had expressed his views on human resource training crisis as well as raised the desire to invest in people since they are still students at the university. The UHM Group is committed to cooperate with the College to train students for their professionalism and nurture their enthusiasm for their choosing career. In addition, UHM Group actively supports many specialists with the teaching contents closely to the reality as well as create conditions for recruitment; help students have chances to practice and experience in professional working environment, such as 4-5- star hotels among the country which managed by UHM Group.


Following the meaningful speech, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by representatives of UHM Group and Da Lat Tourism College – Master Nguyen Huu An and Mr. Tran Dinh Son in the witness of all employees from two sides.


The Memorandum of Cooperation emphasizes collaborative and support commitments between UHM Group and the College:

- Develop a cooperative relationship on training and recruitment in the field of tourism human resources;

- Cooperate in training to improve the quality of education for students of Da Lat Tourism College to meet the practical needs of enterprises and society;

- Create favorable conditions for students wishing to practice and work in a variety of resorts, hotels which managed and consulted by UHM GROUP;

- Assist UHM GROUP to seek, train and recruit employees to work in business units that UHM GROUP is consulting and managing.

In a respectful but friendly atmosphere, the partnership between the Da Lat Tourism College and UHM Group has been raised to a new level.

This partnership is positive and humane, opening up a huge number of opportunities to young, passionate but inexperienced employees, shortening the distance between business and students, between knowledge - practice and contributing to the quality of human resources’s output for the tourism market in Vietnam, creating the premise for the Viet Nam's tourism develop sustainably.