UHMGROUP Application guidelines

UHMGROUP Application guidelines

UHMGROUP Application guidelines

Step 1: Check recruitment information

Plsease check our recruitment information updated regularly on our corporation website as http://uhmgroup.com.vn . And depending on each recruitment campaign, UHMGROUP will post recruitment information on other public media channels (newspaper or other Vietnamese recruitment websites.

Step 2: Candidate profiles includes:

  1. The list of candidate profile documents. Download template here
  2. Applicants’ information form. Download here.
  3. Cover letter (candiates may handwrite or type)
  4. Curriculum vitae (certified by local government, in the last 6 months)
  5. A copy of University graduation certificate (or Temporary university graduation certificate, going with the academic transcript in the case of fresh graduate students, not receiving official certificate yet)
  6. A copy of other short-term training course certificates.
  7. A copy of household registration and identity card.
  8. Certificate of medical checkup (in the last 6 months)
  9. Recent recruitment, appointment and dismissal decisions of the previous company (if any)
  10. 4 formal photos (for certificate): 2 photos size 3x4, 2 photos size 4x6 (in the last 6 months)

Notice that

  • Applicant profiles:

Candidate’s information form (following the form on website: www.uhmgroup.com.vn)

Documents updated after passing the final round: Cover letter (handwritten or typed), certificates, household registration, identity card, Curriculum vitae, medical checkup certificate, 3x4 and 4x6 formal photos, related decisions, (recruitment, appointment and dismissal decisions) of the previous company (if any): 1 copy/ each document.

  • UHMGROUP only contacts with qualified profiles and will not return any profiles to candidates.

Step 3: Join the examination and the interview

All information related to UHMGROUP recruitment is informed on website www.uhmgroup.com.vn and sent to your email. Thus, please check your mail regularly and follow the information on this website.


  • Each candidate invited to join the recruitment rounds is provided a recruitment code. Please remember your code to track your results on website www.uhmgroup.com.vn, as we post only your code, not your name to keep private information secured.
  • As to candidates applying for the positions as housekeeper and driver, we will invite directly to check professional skills and interview, and inform you the results via phones and wont public on the website.