UHMGROUP Human Resources strategy

Human Resources strategy

UHMGROUP Human Resources strategy

I. Recruitment policy

“Heart – Visionary – Wisdom” are three core values of the Recruitment strategy UHM GROUP uses to recruit and train talents.

II. Training policy

“UHMGROUP always focuses on training employees to increase staff capacity, from which to build faiths and long-term connections between employees and company.

III. Company integration training

In order to help new employees integrate into UHMGROUP faster by the knowledge about:

1. Corporation culture

General introduction about Corporation history, culture and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

2. Board of leaders’ sharing

Board of leaders share about their perspectives of management, orientation and development strategies of the corporation in the following years.

3. Policies & Benefits

The corporation policies and benefits applied to all employees.


  • Training and supporting employees in developing professional skills and levels.
  • Working skills
  • Plan building skills, Technology application skills, 5S knowledge and application skills, and professional level development program for employees.
  • Supporting employees in having further education of undergraduate and post graduate degrees to develop academic levels.
  • Associate programs
  • Associating with professional training institutes to perform training for leaders of the company.



  • The corporation’s perspective in Human Resources (HR) management is: recruiting and allocating RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT PLACE and the RIGHT TIME; and paying employees worthily for their working abilities and achievement contributions

a. Competitive salary

UHMGROUP aims to build a competitive compensation policy (salary, rewards,…) to attract and keep talents.

b. Seniority allowance

Periodic seniority allowance for employees who have worked for the corporation for 5 years and above.

c. Salary based on capacity

Employees receive payments based on their working capacity, efforts and contributions.


UHMGROUP always focuses on compensation policy to bring employees a comfortable and solidary working environment.

a. Travelling

Annual leisure policy for employees

Employees’ lives

Allowances and supporting policies for employees’ personal events: marriage, maternity, birthday and sickness, etc.

b. Health insurance

Periodic insurance and health check-up.